What is asked of us

What part of your life is not changing? Is there an obstacle sitting in front of you like a large boulder that would take aRead More

Chain Letter

I love journaling, I’m not an avid artistic journal-er, like my buddy Judi, yet. This might be my new project. Ha! ran out of artistRead More

Contemporary screams new!

Attached is my very first, attempt at contemporary earrings. Oh I thought I was queen of contemporary with these. Coral just calls out! Spring! Fancy!Read More

You gotta have friends

Imagine a world without your people. Imagine how boring. I treasure my friends with my whole heart. Their triumphs fascinate me. Living out their dreams.Read More

Vantage Point

I drew the mountain goat in first, from a “How to draw Animals” book. This book gives me hours of pleasure, oh my word didRead More


Life will kick you in the teeth if you let it. Trust people? Trust the process of life? Where do you go when a seaRead More


Where does one find balance? I am happy to report, balance for me, is ingrained in my psyche. I am a Libra. Balance in mindRead More

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