New Book

Its time! I have so much to say that I decided to update my poetry. I am currently working on a new book called “ThirdRead More

In the Works

Here is a poem from Look Upon the World with Soft Eyes Oh Great Spirit in the Sky I call upon you now to bringRead More

I miss natural light!

Winter weather can be beautiful with the snow and the sparkling reflections plus the bluest of skies. And then mid December we experience the grey,Read More

A native to creative exploring

Free to let my imagination run wild, I appreciate spending time outdoors. Mother Nature, the original Artisan, prides herself on the variation of flower colors,Read More

Healing through Words

Ask me, Ask me! What is my favorite book? I will give you the same answer every time. The dictionary. Because it explains all theRead More

When you get me

I had a friend describe me as real. “What you see is what you get with you, you are real and you are not aRead More

When you are famous

Times are changing. Along with the times, so is music. Did you ever notice on newer movies, its all about cell phones, apps and emoj’s.Read More

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