Vantage Point

I drew the mountain goat in first, from a “How to draw Animals” book. This book gives me hours of pleasure, oh my word did I just create a beautiful thing? I drew in lavender for him to munch on and a mountain top to ponder life’s secrets. I love laughing and I love a good goat.

In my human form, I may chew and naw at a problem endlessly. Dragging with me time and money. Then there are those tough break through moments. I CAN’T FIX IT. You give it up and move on. Nature can play an enormous part in healing. When your mind is fixed on new scenery how desperate our brains want to try and pull us back into the problem.

Go rest high up on a mountain. West Virginia situates West of Pennsylvania, and East of Ohio. And what do we have the most of? Besides beautiful people. We have mountains. What a blessing. It makes me smile and laugh and feel amazing. Burst up into the trees in your adventures like you have something to prove. I CAN LET THIS GO. I CANNOT FIX PEOPLE OR SITUATIONS OUT OF MY CONTROL. What I can do? Find beauty. Find strength in the knowledge that mountains were formed ages ago. Some we climb and some we circle up to the top the hard way. And when we slip or fall, what a VIEW LOOKING DOWN.

Know love, know the mountains.

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