You gotta have friends

Imagine a world without your people. Imagine how boring. I treasure my friends with my whole heart. Their triumphs fascinate me. Living out their dreams. I never hold a speck of jealously in my heart because I heart them. It’s like being on the wining team every day.

Nature is my friend too. Geology fascinates me almost as much as ornery people do. Lets celebrate Sardonyx today and wear it with pride. This stone is found in Brazil, India, Germany, Uruguay, Russia and the USA. A mixture of Onyx and Sard. What is Sard you ask? Its a type of carnelian orange in color. So there you go, grey, orange and white. All soothing palletes of wonderfulness said to decrease crime, and help one search for the meaning in life.

A booster of self – control. What am I trying to work on in me today? Self-Control. Oh that snippy comment could really use a rebuttal from my lips but why? To prove I’m intelligent? You do you. Ha! I don’t have to be snippy like other people, I can be the sweet, adorable child of God, I was destine to be. To my friends of similar personality, I applaud you. Shining forth with your smiles and not a mean bone in your body. You are my people! I adore and love you even more.

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