Contemporary screams new!

Attached is my very first, attempt at contemporary earrings. Oh I thought I was queen of contemporary with these. Coral just calls out! Spring! Fancy! See me! When I started decorating my house, here in WEST VIRGINIA, I was drawn to Victorian everything. Yet, in this house, it never fit! The house built strong in 1950, held no Victorian architecture of the past. It did however, house plastic tile, original hard wood planks of three quarter nature and a lot of Oak Cabinetry.

What still amazes me, is how you can love a style and not adopt it as your only style. I love lace, dollies, and dark furniture. And it adorns ONE room in my house, along with eclectic pieces as well. Play and play often with decorating your home. I love making art, live sculptures with tree branches and fabric. There is no right or wrong way to decorate your house or body for that matter. If you LIKE IT, wear it!

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