Chain Letter

I love journaling, I’m not an avid artistic journal-er, like my buddy Judi, yet. This might be my new project. Ha! ran out of artist paper weeks ago, so challenge accepted because I purchased corn starch and I have some documents that are longing to become recycled paper, in handmade paper form. This will be my jam here soon though. Once the motivation kicks on in

Louise Hay, the amazing woman that she is teaches people to live in the present moment. It fascinates me how quickly it all goes by. As soon as you write, it becomes dated. It’s in the past. What are some situations we need to leave in the past? What are some situations we need to document?

I challenge you to write a letter to yourself. Don’t hold back and encourage yourself to be the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. Leave those old nasty habits in the past. I call them the unhealthy headache habits. IF IT’S GOING TO TURN INTO A HEADACHE LATER. DON’T PUT IT IN YOUR BODY. HA!

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