Peace is action not a feeling

I have witnessed Yoga Instructors, spiritual gurus and self proclaimed Goody 2 Shoes all stand on their soap boxes and preach about peace. And they do it, well, differently that one would expect. With their scowling faces, pointing fingers and of course their cameras. No mirrors though. Not a buy in for me.

Make me an Instrument of your peace, Lord…What happens when a musician plays an instrument? Magic, there is something there that wasn’t there before. Action. Sound carries. So should peace. MAKE me an Instrument of your Peace, Lord. Mold and shape me. I don’t care what faith you carry in your heart, every human can benefit from this prayer. Make me a channel. My actions and my words, Peace. How I treat my people, quick to forgive and fast to love, Peace. Where there is sadness, let ME bring joy and laughter, Peace.

That spiritual guru who rages up their fists to heaven declaring “I want change.” Have they changed? Do they overcharge? Do their words declare you inferior? Would they rather take your money and have you follow them or have you follow God?

You cannot declare War and declare Peace at the same time.

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