Life will kick you in the teeth if you let it. Trust people? Trust the process of life? Where do you go when a seaRead More


Where does one find balance? I am happy to report, balance for me, is ingrained in my psyche. I am a Libra. Balance in mindRead More

The Nuns

perplexed I gathered my thoughts and up the mountain I watched them trek from where I stood the hillside steepened yet they walked sure footedRead More

May Day

Oh Spring, how we have longed for your presence! We sent an S.O.S. to you months ago, as the winter blah’s led into the JanuaryRead More

Professional Dabbler

Dabbler It is no secret…I am a professional dabbler. – Watercolors -Dance -Jewelry making -Sewing -Writing -Aromatherapy -Adult Enrichment Classes -Numerology, Astrology and Signs InRead More

Growing Together

Unakite Jasper, known also as Epidote meaning “Growing Together.” The elements of Red Jasper and Epidote, found in the Unaka Mountains of Tennessee and NorthRead More

The Inward Journey

Moonstone is said to be a talisman of the inward journey, taking one deep into the inner world retrieving from the soul what was leftRead More