My Sorted Story

The simplest observations of humans sharing our world can elevate the understanding of why we are created to love, to share and to bond. Honor and Courage, Mischief and Mayhem, Sentiment and Equanimity trigger our spirits while awakening our senses. Awareness of the natural world simplifies and calms the chaos of the mind.

I create to learn. I learn to grow. I grow to evolve.

Veda was my first and only jewelry making teacher. Her work is epic and keeps evolving. In the mist of chaos, I evolved an artist, a creator and friend seeker.

The name: Zen in the Shade – Where on earth did you come up with a name like Zen in the Shade? My office, under the most beautiful dogwood tree you could imagine. There I created new pieces, researched and created some more. I had help of course, Bhawana, my Nepali neighbor around 8 years old at the time, would often interrupt to get me to play. Oh the times we had making jewelry, pretend tea parties and the occasional meal. She actually liked my cooking. Oh and how can I forget UNO and Old Maid. The last day of our play dates consisted of a Dollar Store Kite and a nice windy day. She’s growing taller than me now, and her dreams will take her far. Two languages under her belt, still in awe of this little girl I call my friend and teacher.