Art Exhibit Sponsorships

The Weirton Area Museum and Cultural Center located in downtown Weirton was proud to support 9 artists at the Natural Boho Art Exhibit, which will be a featured display through the end of September. I envisioned cotton tapestries hanging about, amazing textiles including colorful tablecoths, velvet pillows, and macrame wall hangings. Amazing greenery as well to be later either raffled off or sold. To the side would be vintage goblets, earthen serving dishes filled with summer yummies of salsa, chips, cheese, dill dip, gooey cheese dips, iced tea with lime, an assortment of walnuts, pecans, long staying fruit like blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and blue berries. And of course tiny desserts of macaroons, or cinnamon pastries.

I came up with the concept of Natural Bohemian as an underlying theme to be played out at the exhibit. Not suggesting the art had to be bohemian styled or whatever that may be defined as. I tried to create a background ambiance of boho. I took care of the ambiance, and the artists took care of the art.

Open House at the Summit Art Gallery in West Virginia

February 25, 2019 The Summit Art Gallery was pleased to present a night of art, clay sculptures and socializing at 3393 Main Street in downtown Weirton. The featured artists included seasoned professional artists and students. Brad Cowsert, Leiona Smith, Ashley Worst, Jaci Rice, Issaih Gossett and Elaine Klar.

Artists are the heart of every community. They visually see art in the most unusual of places and with talent and endurance, strive to beautify their environment. If you take a step back, and look at the history, ethnicity and cultural background of Weirton, diversity is the first word that would come to mind. Some of the many talents who continue to leave their mark at the gallery, have attended colleges in the state of West Virginia, as well as, surrounding states, and have settled into the community. Some artists are raw, with little schooling yet create incredible art. Both are revered. And with that said, not every artist paints on paper. Others have embraced the natural elements, such as clay, to sculpt their visions into one of a kind pieces. Yet we can not forget to mention the artists who use their voices to create and the dancers who are a testament to living art. At the Summit Art Gallery we have not yet reached the pinnacle of our success. We continue to attract artists from every walk of life and embrace their talent. We are proud to provide a beautiful spot to showcase not only the talent but the people. One of my favorite elements of the gallery, is to walk around and witness, the interaction between people who might not have met otherwise. We strive to create ambiance and classic, well planned events to meet our goals of bringing others together.