Natural Artist

I was inspired by the artists of the Top of West Virginia Arts Council. On that note, acrylics hate me. I color with water, draw with pencil and paint with compassion.

If you told me I am an artist…

I still won’t believe you. Artist implies one hobby, one vocation. I’m so much more than that! I create through dance, music and art. I am a girl who paints with water, draws with pencil and sees the world through color and lines. My career choices in accounting, administration and Human Resources made me well rounded and corporate minded. Getting to know people is a favorite pass the time adventure for me as well. If you meet me and don’t like me, I’ll change all that. has been turning art into products for years! Yes, we all like to hang canvas on our walls to decorate and fill a room with joy. But there are other ways to ENJOY art. How about a nice pair of sneakers with flowers or dice, or leggins with a floral design. Do alpacas appeal to you? Why not turn art into clothing! This is a relatively new concept to me. My first crack at it was bringing back the 70s kitchen. Being passionate about the creative process is a joy.