The Talk of the Town Blog

August, 2021

I’m often asked on the internet, “Are you a robot?” Followed by an image and option to choose the right images so that the internet, knows for a fact, you are not a robot. What about in real life? Critical conversations often turn south when we acquiesce to just shut someone up! They rant, they rave, they sidestep, and here we are losing our voice in the process. I am not a robot, I have feelings, I have opinions and I certainly have changed my mind on a subject in the past. To be wrong is ok, to voice displeasure on someone trampling over your ideas is also ok. Fight for your voice.

September, 2021

Often times Change even the slightest in routine, can cause mountains of worry in our hearts. When things don’t seem to turn around, turn to gratitude. In the present moment living, we can only do so much. Can’t change the past, but we can reinvent the future by taking care of ourselves. Our minds, hearts and souls act as one. Channel your inner brave soul and work on you today! Maybe your local library offers books on line for free, maybe a friend really just needs to talk to you, offer your time and energy to something worthwhile.