Jewelry Sales

Zen in the Shade wire wrapped jewelry is available for sale at the Summit Art Gallery located at 3539 Main Street in Weirton, WV 26062. The phone number to the gallery is 304-797-7001, ask for Sarah Cale the Executive Secretary. Zen strives at pricing quality jewelry for every day buyers, each piece is priced at $7. Go shopping! Shop local!

Where on Earth?

Adorn yourself with the latest in jewelry trends.  Stones and crystals mined from around the world, will inspire you every time you put them on. GeoNaturals mimic the earth and stars, so get to know the energy behind each piece.  God has made beauty in every nation and its time we celebrate it. Now available at the Summit Art Gallery for a phenomenal price of $7 per piece. Treat yourself to Mother Nature’s jewels.